Say a Prayer Today…Please

Have you ever wondered if the power of prayer, the same exact prayer said around the world at the same exact moment would be strong enough to bring about the most amazing event? It can. You have to believe.

Someone started an amazing idea. But first a story.

Many years ago, a rabbi from the Midwest told a journalist that the Messiah, what we call Moshiach in Hebrew, was going to come on a specific date. The journalist was skeptical at first; the rabbi was insistent. What a coup, thought the journalist, as he reported in the citywide newspaper of this expected event, citing the date and crediting the rabbi with the news alert. Days turned into weeks and the date finally arrived; only the Moshiach didn’t.

The journalist was furious. He went to see the rabbi. “You told me that Moshiach was coming on this date!” he said in anger. 

“You’re angry?” asked the rabbi. “YOU are angry? Can you imagine how I feel? I don’t know why the Moshiach didn’t come; it should have. I’m as angry as you – even more!We have to all demand that Moshiach comes NOW!”

So today at 5:00 p.m. that’s what people around the world are going to do. They are all going to join together and say a prayer and hope, believe, that today it will come.

Please say this prayer at exactly 5:00 p.m. today (Israel time) – it is being said all over the world. You never know if just one more person…you…could be the one voice God will hear above all others.

Please note Israel switched to Israel Standard Time not Daylight Savings Time so we are 6 hours ahead of NY, not 7 hours (GMT + 1).

The prayer that we are being asked is short – first – please give one coin of your local currency to any charity of your choice. A shekel, a dollar, a euro. Any amount.

Then say this short prayer – at exactly 5:00 p.m. Israel time – each voice, all voices, all of us together – it could change the world…it could. It is repeated in several languages below. First a few of the times around the world:

Choose your language…

In English:

In Hebrew:

If you want to say it in Hebrew, but can’t read it, here is a transliteration of the Hebrew:   
Reebono shel olam, Anu, Bn’ei Yisrael, Mivakeshim Shemashiakh Tzidkaynu Yeegael Otanu Akhshav Mehagalut Berakhamim Laseem Sof Lekol Sevel Legalot et Shimcha U’lehavee Shalom Le’olam
In French: 

In Spanish: 

In Russian 

In Italian:

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