Saving Lives…Coincidences…

I saw a discussion on Facebook about the concept of coincidence…there are those who say there are no coincidences in life; that all is of a plan. So here’s one of those amazing things that happen in stages and when you put them together…you just smile.

I am always amazed by stories of our youth – who are so dedicated to helping others. Davidi has been volunteering regularly for the local ambulance squad here in Maale Adumim – and has taken some shifts in Jerusalem as well. Elie and Lauren sign on together for shifts that run through the night. Early this morning, Elie and I drove in to Jerusalem together. He told me Lauren had taken a call at 6:00. As they realized that they may not be back in time for Elie to go to college for his courses, he stayed behind.

A few days ago, I read a story about a young man who was celebrating his upcoming marriage later this week. He was in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem on Shabbat, receiving the honors that come to a groom the week before his wedding. He had just finished and returned to his seat when his MIRS went off, telling him that his skills as a medic were required.

Without hesitation, he went running outside and found that an elderly man had been hit by a car. The young man, named Aryeh, began treating the man as others came running and an ambulance was called.

A few days ago, Lauren and Elie told me that they are going to a wedding tomorrow night. It’s a strange kind of thing – the wedding is taking place in one place; the reception in another. They’ll have to jump on a bus, a train, or a cab to get to the second place.

A few minutes ago, we were talking about running off to war in the midst of something; and I remembered the story of the young man. I told Elie about the young man running off to help…and then we started putting the pieces together. Elie was sure it was the same young man – a friend of Lauren’s – the groom of the wedding that Elie and Lauren will be attending tomorrow night. I looked up the story and asked Elie the name of the groom – Aryeh…

Here’s the wonderful story:

And the sweet part – Aryeh promised his bride that tomorrow afternoon by 3:00 p.m. – he will do something he probably never does – not even on the Shabbat before his wedding in the middle of celebrations   – he will close his MIRS so that their wedding will no be interrupted.

Mazel tov to Aryeh and his bride, to their families – and to all of Israel, that we are so blessed to have the children we have – the Aryehs, the Elies, the Laurens…

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  1. Wonderful!

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