Rockets, But Not Here…

Yeah, I’m insane keeping up another blog and I want to share what I post on the Times of Israel here too – so here’s my latest,

No Rockets in the Settlements

That’s right. None.

This morning, two rockets slammed into Israel – perhaps more will have been fired from Gaza into Israel by the time you read this. A rocket hit a house in Netivot, badly damaging the house as well as a neighboring one. The man inside the house, with the grace of God, was not injured. A rocket hit Beersheva and schools in both that city and Ashdod have been closed for the day.
“We claim responsibility for firing two rockets on Friday against the region of Sdot Negev,” said the terrorist group that fired the rocket. So, they know where they aimed, where they hit. There was no apology that they meant to hit somewhere else.There is no confusion here. It is not that they were aiming at a military target and missed.

By contrast, here in the “settlements,” my children went to school – on time and without fear of where they would need to hide if a siren suddenly went off and they had to go running.

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