Rare Glimpse of Violence

No, the violence is not rare – it happens almost daily on many roads in Israel. What is rare is the fact that it was captured on video – apparently without this bothering the Arabs.

This is a young woman – driving alone on a road. This is a mother of small children – whose life was endangered – simply because she was Jewish, simply because she was Israeli, simply because she was driving on that road.

Without shame, the Arabs pelted her car. This is the enemy we face – a hatred so strong.

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  1. I saw this video on Robert Avrech’s site as well as Treppenwitz’s site. She’s lucky she and her passenger(s) weren’t hurt, but when she saw the car coming the other way (with damage she assumed was from a prior accident) she should have been on alert. I bet she will be next time!

    As an aside, do parents usually put an infant carrier in the front seat in Israel? In my state, it is illegal to put them in the front car with an air bag because air bags often cause serious injuries to infants in carriers… just curious.

  2. You make it sound like it’s her fault. I don’t think you understand at all what it’s like to be speeding down the road only to be hit by rocks. How do you know how much time passed, if there was even a place to turn around, if she didn’t pass some other gathering of Arabs right before this who also looked menacing but didn’t happen to throw rocks.
    Airbags can and are turned off in the front seat when taking an infant. Then it is much safer if the infant needs attention.

  3. @Anonymous: You are, of course, right that I have no personal knowledge of the route, the events, the timeline, etc., but I merely said she should have been alerted to the possibility of danger. I was, in no way, trying to blame her for the incident.

    My Israeli blogger friends (such as Paula) tell me that rock throwing is a (relatively) common event during times of political stress such as this, so I would hope that all Israelis would be on the lookout for such behavior while on the roads. I’m just thankful no one was seriously injured (that I’ve heard reported, anyway).

    I wish the Israelis would infiltrate the photo-journalists so they would get advanced knowledge of such events. Maybe they could either arrest the thugs, or use rubber bullets to drive them away!

    Heck, shoot the photographers with the rubber bullets and maybe they won’t be so keen on enabling the Palestinians thugs any more!


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