Poor and Starving in Gaza? Not even close

I could quote the number of truckloads that are allowed into Gaza daily; I could quote figures in the billions of donations sent/wasted on Gaza that has been used to buy missiles rather than build hospitals and parks and schools.
But they say a picture speaks a thousand words and so here are a few thousands words in images. Dear World…the Gazans are NOT starving and your aid is misplaced. Send it to the people who really need it…
Note the variety, the quantity.
Notice the smile, the crowds of people – do they look unhappy? Do they look oppressed?
These are the beaches – note the Palestinian flag flying. Poor Palestinians?
These shoppers do not look poor; nor do they look oppressed. There seems to be ample clothes on sale here (you don’t see anyone grabbing desperately for limited supplies, do you?) and happy faces all around. Perhaps…just perhaps, the concept of a humanitarian crisis is really a front for political purposes. It is, one must assume, yet another “big lie” attempt to rewrite the facts on the ground. Well, the facts are clear…and apparently they are for sale in Gaza – along with plenty of clothes, children’s toys, food, spices, vegetables, and so much more.

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