Pictures Explain…When You Shoot a Missile

A relative in the States sent me this video…it’s so very simple, so clear…

The missiles are smuggled under the ground…they are put into mosques, loaded onto ambulances, taken into schools and homes and mosques…and shot at Israel. Eventually, Israel comes and destroys the rocket launching locations.

And then the UN comes…and rebuilds while the missiles still move below ground, into the mosques and schools and homes, still get launched at Israel…and the UN comes and rebuilds.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. How many words, then, does this video speak?

I’d like to ask the UN if they realize that if they FIRST stop the rockets, they won’t have to rebuild the places from which the missiles are being launched. And one final comment I made during the Gaza War, while my son was there, within missile range and fighting to defend our land: if you put missiles in a mosque, the holiness of the place is diminished to nothing.

A mosque cannot be an arsenal, and an arsenal can never be a mosque. This same idea works for schools and hospitals too. Our ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, years ago said the simplest of truths, a warning to the Lebanese at that time, and the Palestinians at all times, “When you sleep with a missile, sometimes you don’t wake up.”

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