Palestinian Child Washing His Brother’s Blood?

Again, apparently. This is almost not even a challenge anymore.

 The Palestinians are using any photos they can find and claiming they are from now. Some aren’t even from Gaza! One journalist – Avi Mayer was diligent enough to get a Palestinian journalist to actually admit her “mistake.”

Here’s another one. A horrible picture…

One wonders at the parents allowing such a small child to do this work if the caption that comes with it were actually true. So, I decided to investigate the picture myself. Yup, same old lie. This is getting so easy, it isn’t even a challenge. Within 5 minutes, the truth comes out. The kid is cleaning up after the killing of a cow in his parent’s slaughterhouse. I’m still not sure I’d let my kid do this, but yet another picture debunked.

The picture isn’t from now. The picture isn’t from Gaza. The blood wasn’t from his brother. The Israelis weren’t involved. Another day in Israel, another lie from Gaza.

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  1. This link shows that the it is about Syria.. try to translate form Japanese

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