Outrageous Behavior by Soldiers Against Palestinians

I do not believe in standing quiet when a wrong has been committed. No matter who has done the wrong.

Last night, soldiers entered a Palestinian refugee camp and opened fire. Reports confirm several were killed and at least 30 were wounded. Over 5,000 went fleeing when the soldiers told them they had to leave the camp. The soldiers entered the camp under cover of darkness and ordered them out. They yelled their orders in Arabic…their language.

The soldiers were Syrians. The Palestinian refugee camp is in Syria, near the city of Latakia.

By comparison, last night, Israeli soldiers killed one Palestinian and wounded 4 others. The air force attacked the Palestinians, members of Hamas, from the air in a precise and accurate operation – as the Palestinians were about to fire yet another rocket at Israel.

Let’s see which the world protests more – the attack on a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria (and why is there a refugee camp at all – why didn’t the Arab brothers help these people to assimilate over the last 60+ years as we helped the nearly one million Jews who fled Arab lands?) – or an attack by Israel’s air force on a unit of Palestinians about to fire a rocket at our civilians.

Syrian Army in Latakia

4 Comments on Outrageous Behavior by Soldiers Against Palestinians

  1. Let’s praise the IDF (or IAF) for their precision work and show off the Syrians for their totalitarian regime. Alas, the mainstream media’s not going to do it.


  2. The media obsession with Israel is mind boggling. While they ignore the daily outrages committed by the Syrians against their own citizens, the newspapers jump on the news that Israelis are building homes for their people who desperately need them. I find myself shaking my head in disbelief on an almost daily basis! As Bibi has said on many occasions, Israel is NOT what is wrong with the world, it is what is RIGHT with it….if only the media would wake up and see this!

  3. The media doesn’t want to see it, Jan. If they were interested in the truth, we’d see stories about the Israeli Jews who help those in need (including Palestinians), or stories about the advances in medicine and computers.

    No, the media is (by and large) anti-Semitic and they want the story told from an anti-Semitic point of view. That’s why we see Israel as the perpetual “bad guy” — it’s just a modern spin on the old “evil Jews” prejudice.

  4. And that, dear friend, is why you need to keep writing. You are the voice of reason I hear, you are my “news.” I read other newspapers, but it is your voice that is so clear and helps me understand what is really going on overseas. It does break my heart, but I will not close my eyes. Thank you for writing about these events that enrage and hurt every minute of your life.

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