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I’m a little scarce these days – all for the good. Several courses, projects etc. School ending; summer beginning. I’ll post soon – I always come back, don’t I?

To “Syria’s Air Defense” – I put through all but the one obnoxious and insulting comment. I, of course, think you’re wrong, but I’m not a coward. and while I do fear the silence and inaction of the world in many areas, I do not fear words.It is not words that kill people, but actions. And yes, I understand that words can spur others on to action, but I still do not fear words themselves – they are a tool. It’s like in America, many people who believe in the right to bear arms say that guns don’t kill people, people do. It’s the same with words. If I am against anything in the area of guns, it is is that it is too easy for guns to fall in the wrong hands and usually the people who have trouble getting guns aren’t the criminals and the ones intent on harm.

This is true in Israel as well. Getting back to words – there are two types of comments I will not put through – those with links to anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, obnoxious or objectionable materials/videos – hey, why should I drive up your traffic? And secondly, those that insult others. You are welcome to insult me – just not other people who comment and not my children/family. These are precious to me and I won’t allow you to use my blog to hurt others.

As for the photo of the Israeli planes and the comment about the Syrians not being able to shoot down an Israeli plane – it’s a joke. That would be something that makes people smile for a second or laugh for a bit longer. That’s all. Can the Syrians shoot down an Israeli plane? Obviously they can…sort of (another joke). Easily? No, not easily – but it can happen, and did.

The Yom Kippur War happened almost 40 years ago (39 and counting). The fact that you have to go back 40 years to show the Syrians can shoot down an Israeli plane speaks volumes. You shoot enough anti-aircraft into the sky, you’re going to get lucky. Bottom line is that it was a joke – as silly and pathetic, perhaps, as the Syrians claiming they didn’t know it was a Turkish plane and thought it was Israeli. A joke for a joke; a stupid response to a stupid comment.

When it counted – several years ago, Israel flew in and out of Syria, according to the New York Times, of course, and bombed the hell out of a building intended to be a nuclear reactor. My son was on the border that might as Israeli planes flew in, bombed, and flew back home safely. Israel was prepared for a reaction – what it got was a child stamping its foot on the ground and crying foul and unfair. What the Syrian people have now is a result of the society they have created – and it is they who suffer, they who live in fear, they who die by the hand of their army.

As for Israel – today is another beautiful, sunny, hot day in Israel. I’ve been to two weddings in the last two days – two absolutely stunningly beautiful brides marrying with great joy and dancing and music. I’m tired after days of teaching, writing, and celebrating the joining of families and the start of new ones. Aliza started camp; David is still deciding what he’ll do this summer; Shmulik is working and Naama studying. Amira is finishing off her studies and looking forward to the summer and Haim is still in the army; Elie is working and studying; Lauren has finished her year work and is starting her summer jobs; Chaim is…I’m not sure, I have to find out; Yaakov is with his wife and daughters, finishing off school, I guess and I’m not sure either…I have to catch up with them.

In short, summer is here. Israel is here. Life is here.

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