Our Agony and Yours

Bowe R. Bergdahl was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment earlier this month when he vanished, just five months after arriving in Afghanistan. He’s now been held over one month by Taliban extremists. Bowe comes from Idaho and is only 23-years-old.

Gilad Shalit, aged 19, was kidnapped from Israeli soil as part of an infiltration/attack which resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and Gilad’s being dragged across the border into Gaza. Since then, Hamas has refused all attempts to allow international agencies such as the Red Cross to see him.

They were kidnapped by the same enemy, held against their will. Video and transmissions are used not to reassure the families that their sons will soon be home, but to torture them, leave them unsure and bereft.

Gilad and Bowe both deserve their freedom. They were doing nothing wrong when they were captured, other than serving their countries.

In a few short weeks, Gilad will turn 23. He’s in his fourth year without his family. In Israel, the government contemplates and then pulls back from the idea of denying Palestinian prisoners visitations from their families, as Gilad is so denied.

These prisoners – caught after violating laws or held for security infractions have brought attention to themselves because they did something – they attacked army patrols, threw rocks or fire bombs or crossed into areas without permits. Gilad did nothing – nothing but enlist in the army, finish his basic training, and take up a position near Israel’s border with Gaza.

Palestinians came into Israel, crossed under our fence in a tunnel they dug to enable them to attack Israel…and this is what they did. They dragged a 19-year-old boy into Gaza and then held him for more than 1125 days. They torture his family, suggesting Gilad is hurt, suggest he will die if we don’t immediately agree to trade 1000 prisoners…prisoners who were not innocently sitting around doing nothing when Israel came and grabbed them and dragged them off.

And then, when Israel says – ok, we are willing to release hundreds, but show us that Gilad is alive…show us he is well. Follow international law and let the Red Cross see him, talk to him. Let his mother talk to him. Be human beings, for once in your life. We allow wives to speak to their husbands, mothers to their sons. Their conditions are known – many have access to television, computers, even phones, though these are not allowed in the cells (and even then, many have them). Gilad has nothing – be human beings and allow a 22-year-old boy to speak to his mother…and then we are yet again met with a wall of silence.

With the taking of Bowe, America is thrust into the same agony as Israel; Bowe’s family into the same horror and worry as Gilad’s family.

May Bowe and Gilad come home soon – safe, and healthy.

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  1. Amen and Amen.

  2. Given what was done to Ilan Halimi in Paris, I do not believe Gilad Shalit remains alive. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob comfort Gilad’s parents and family.

    I have absolute contempt for Gilad’s Arab Muslim jihadist captors who – drunk with the amoral Nazi-like supremacism that Islam inculcates, a supremacism that spurns the Golden Rule and rejects reciprocity – deny to his family what Israel routinely permits to the families of Arab Muslim prisoners.

    May the judgement of the Holy One of Israel fall upon them, they who flaunt their inhuman cruelty in the face of humanity and deem that they may do, and do, and do, and not be done to.

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