Only in Israel

This was recently posted to the Israel National News site- can you imagine the US government…or any other…meeting in a cave? Certainly, this is another only-in-Israel moment!

Olmert’s Cabinet Meets In Cave To Support Environment

( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened his Cabinet in a
Galilean nature reserve Sunday to show support for environmental awareness in

Instead of their regular weekly meeting in Israel’s capital city, the
cabinet met in a large cave in Beit Shearim, a nature reserve housing the tomb
of Talmudic sage Yehuda Hanassi.

Olmert said the meeting hoped “to tell all of the country’s citizens
that we love the country and its natural resources, and that these must be
safeguarded as a matter of routine.” During the meeting, the cabinet
passed two resolutions earmarking funds for camping sites and bicycle tracks in

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