One Minute; One Million People

A picture…showing the distances and where people live. A short time ago – two rockets were fired at 531,000 people. Humor me here – take a stop watch and walk really quickly for 15 seconds and see how far you get. Walk to the end of your block – and start the timer and run…and see how far you get in 15 seconds.

Now please – 

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  1. Good morning. And how many people live inside that tiny strip? Where is ordinance more likely to inflict civilian casualties?

  2. Hi Eric – The difference of course, is the Israeli ability to actually hit its target. For example, take a look at this YouTube video:

    The Palestinians have no ability to control where they hit so they lob their missiles, rockets and mortars at our cities and hope. We fire on identified targets only and will call off a hit if our pilots identify civilians in the area. We do our best to be accurate. We can’t always be – welcome to war…but we do the best we can and our targets are ALWAYS military, NEVER civilian. The Palestinians’ target is almost always civilian.

  3. Then if what you claim is true, I would expect Israeli casualties to be high and Palestinian casualties to be low.

    Yet Wikipedia claims that those rockets have yet to kill 100 Israelis. And Palestinian deaths are in the thousands.

    I’m confused.

  4. Eric has bought into the lie of proportionality. The lie that states that both sides have to inflict the same amount of casualties. The same amount of damage. The damage that is coming from Gaza is psychological. The damage Israel delivers is physical.

    Until Israel gets tough and finishes the job they started 4 years ago the rockets will continue to fall.

  5. If Eric is a Muslim in a mask, he is here merely to throw sand, for he already knows full well that the war waged against Israel is merely a subset of the Global Jihad waged by the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, against everybody who is not a Muslim. If he is a Muslim in a mask, he would also know that Jew-hatred is hard-wired into the core texts of Islam, and has animated Muslim oppression, abuse and murder of Jews for 1400 years…i.e. for centuries before the modern Jewish state of Israel came into existence. Centuries ago, a Muslim ‘cleric’ in North Africa taught his flock that “love of the prophet requires hatred of Jews”; and in so teaching he was not in the least bit departing from or distorting orthodox Muslim teaching.

    If ‘Eric’ is *not* a Muslim, but merely a Useful Idiot who (forgetting about the phenomena of taqiyya, kitman and tawriyya, all Islamically sanctioned forms of deception in the cause of Islam) has unquestioningly and uncritically gobbled up the false Muslim narrative of victimhood, and of ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslim ‘victimhood’ in particular, he needs to wake up to just those two facts that I have just summarised: that orthodox Muslims are supposed to hate Jews (their religion tells them to do it), and that the war on Israel is a Jihad against Jews, part of the wider Jihad against all non-Muslims. I would advise ‘Eric’, if he is not a Muslim but merely uninformed, to google the following – Steven Simpson, ‘Why Islam Will Never Accept the State of Israel’ – which will set the matter out in a little more detail than I have done here, though not at the level of detail he will encounter if he reads such magisterial scholarly tomes as Bat Yeor’s ‘The Dhimmi’, Martin Gilbert’s ‘In Ishmael’s House’, or Andrew Bostom’s ‘The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism’.

  6. Paula, I’d refer readers to the 2009 Human Rights Watch report”Rockets from Gaza” which clarifies points you’ve made. By firing from civilian locations, using human shields and targeting Israeli civilians randomly, Hamas rocket attacks meet the international definition of war crimes. Israeli retaliatory strikes against specific Hamas targets don’t fit the definition.

    More to the point, we can’t make the assumption that casualties in the Gaza Strip are only caused by Israeli strikes.
    Faulty weapons, human shielding and misfired rockets actually landing inside Gaza have killed an unknown number of Palestinian civilians. HRW couldn’t determine totals but implied that Hamas both includes these victims in casualty counts and tends to blame Israel for this “collateral damage”. I’d add that the source material cited by Wikipendia (footnote 107 specifically) doesn’t appear to support their casualty figures.

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