On a Personal Note

I’ve been posting all week about the Olympics because…well, because I can’t stomach injustice. I can’t stand  silence in the place or wrong doing. So, after a week of this and that, here’s a post about me and mine. It’s the middle of July; the middle of the summer in Israel. Each day is hot and dry – it hasn’t rained in three months and it likely won’t rain for another three. Today was hot; tomorrow will be hot, Saturday will be hotter, and God knows what Sunday will bring.

I’m balancing work with the kids being on their own and feeling guilty for it. I have Aliza coming to work with me some days and I’m trying to get home earlier when she doesn’t. Last night, she slept at a friend’s house; tonight, she has a friend sleeping over. Deprived she is not and still I feel that maternal guilt.

Davidi is out and about with his friends – a true 16 year old. He’s been volunteering with the ambulance squad constantly over the last week – once earlier this week and again tomorrow. It’s good for him though he doesn’t yet have the confidence that I see in Lauren and Elie. They both see something and jump in to handle it. Davidi still hesitates.

Shmulik is working long hours and he’s mad at me. He has his reasons; I have mine. He’s more stubborn. We’ll see how that’s going to work out…

Elie’s got things happening and he’s taking a summer course and working hard. He’s been driving me around for the last few days – giving my arm a chance to heal. I’m still on pain killers…which last an hour or two less than they should and remind me I need to take another. I killed it again last week pushing myself too hard and have a feeling I’ll do that again tomorrow.

And some exciting news…I’m going to have a bed set soon! Silly right? I’ve been married almost 29 years. We didn’t buy a set when we married and it was a mistake. When Amira got married, it was very important to me that she have a bedroom set because I had learned that putting it off would likely mean never. Both Elie and Shmulik got bedroom sets when they got married and I hope that this will be the case with Davidi and Aliza as well.

So, today we ordered a bedroom set…well, at least the bed and nightstand parts. It will take several weeks for it to arrive but I’m already trying to imagine our bedroom with it in place. We’ll have to move some things around but it’s exciting, for all that.

I’ve been writing a series of blog posts for my professional blog and in the last post, I wrote about lessons that I had learned from a particularly challenging project that we just finished. Life is about learning lessons, I think – and we should never stop learning them. One lesson in life is that you shouldn’t put off what you want too long, or you may never get it. I had almost stopped believing that we’d actually get a bedroom set. I was tired of the mismatched pieces and just wanted that nice clean look of a room that I see in so many places.

Maybe I’ll even post a picture here when we finally get it set up…

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