Ok, and you are fired!

Israelis have…shall we say…a unique way of dealing with their government leaders and those in authority. In the United States and in many other places in the Western world, people treat their government representatives with respect, even if they disagree.

Israelis will argue right back, if they feel someone in government is wrong. There is a general sense that they are people, not gods, not greater in value or wisdom than the rest of us. Often, will they be offered advice, and told what we, the people, think about the job they are doing.

Apparently for many, at least those living close to Gaza who suffer from daily rocket and mortar attacks, disgust with the army and government’s inability to stop the barrages has led to a new level of frustration. So much so, apparently, that one resident from the south felt he had the right to fire the Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai.

According to YNET:

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai (Labor) received a ‘letter of dismissal’ from a western Negev resident during his Tuesday meeting with the Gaza Vicinity communities’ council heads.

“In light of your inability to fulfill the duties for which you have been appointed deputy, we hereby inform you that your services are no longer required and that you are no longer welcome in our region. You have wrongly accused us of cowardice and have abandoned the residents,” southern resident Ofer Shmerling wrote to Vilnai.

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