It’s no secret that I think Obama is the wrong choice for President of the United States. He was the wrong choice 4 years ago, despite his “re-imagining” himself a Nobel Prize, and he is the wrong person now.

I know that he presents a clear and present danger not only to the future of Israel, if such a thing were up to him (which it is not), but also to the United States. I have no doubt that Israel will survive Obama because I live in a land of miracles. They happen here every day. A mortar is fired into Turkey – and it kills a mother and her children. And yet, close to 15,000 mortars and rockets have been fired on a regular basis into Israel for more than a decade and the vast majority, despite their targets, land harmlessly. Yes, too many have been hurt, even killed – whole worlds for their families and all of Israel, but the sheer magnitude is amazing.

Forty SCUD missiles were fired from Iraq to Iran; thirty-nine were fired from Iraq into Israel. Almost 2,000 people were killed in Iran; one man died of a heart attack in Israel. Obama … no, he is not a friend of Israel; he is not to be trusted because he remembered it is election year and the American Jews seem to need words to buy their vote.

Four years ago, I had my last conversation with one cousin. She told me her father would be proud of her for supporting a black man for president. Her father was the worst bigot I ever met in my life; I remember his comments about black people. I grew up in a town that was about 1/3 Jewish; 1/3 black. My best friend as a young child was a black girl named Sherri. I was in first or second grade and someone called her a bad name and said something about her father.

“Is your father black?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay,” I answered back. I had no idea – nor did it make any difference what she was other than my best friend. That’s how I was raised – and so going to my uncle’s house was a shock when he spoke against black people. But four years ago, his daughter “got religion” and was supporting Obama.

I told her should could support Obama for president because she believed it was time to put a black man in the White House. I told her she could support Obama because she thought it was time to have a man in the White House who looked good in jeans, or had a vowel for the last letter in his name.

What she could not do was vote for Obama and have the nerve to say he would be good for Israel. I was the Israeli – it is my sons who are on the borders of Israel while she has barely raised her children as Jews. Never have they been to Israel.

She was adamant; I was tired of arguing. There were several times my cousins stepped out of my life for various reasons – some good, some bad. Four years ago, I stepped out of their lives. Obama is NOT good for Israel. It is interesting to see however, that he isn’t good for America either.

And, so, for no other reason other than it made me smile, I offer Obama in a few words….uh…

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