Now that’s a stinky way to die…

“Did you hear?” I asked  Elie. “Egypt has solved the Gaza smuggling tunnels problem.”

“I heard,” Elie said with a grin. A creative solution indeed. Egypt is flooding the tunnels with sewer water – three Palestinians were killed. What gets smuggled through these tunnels?

Drugs. Women. Expensive items not found in Gaza. Rockets. Mortars. Weapons. Terrorists who try to launch attacks against Israelis or kidnap soldiers. That’s how they got Gilad Shalit.

If Israel were to do the same, to intentionally  the Palestinians would be screaming about 500 dead, massacres, and war crimes. I’ve heard nothing yet about their condemning the Egyptians; certainly CNN and others aren’t covering it. Then again, they don’t cover when the Egyptian troops open fire on innocent Darfur refugees seeking asylum and a better life. The Sudanese try to get across the border into Israel – there…here…they find freedom. During a recent trip to Eilat, I was amazed by the huge numbers of Sudanese refugees I saw working in Eilat and in the evenings, I saw them sitting around in groups.

They appear healthy, happy, well dressed. Their lives here are good – not perfect, but not hell, as it was in Sudan, as it was on the way here, trying to get passed the Egyptians.

As to the flooding of the smuggling tunnels today, I can’t bring myself to complain. When you risk your lives to smuggle – especially rockets and weapons, I can’t bring myself to mourn when the tunnels collapse (as they often do); not even when the Egyptians flood a tunnel, knowing they will kill whoever is inside.

As to Elie’s last comment, “now that’s a stinky way to die,” – what can I say? The kid is right.

3 Comments on Now that’s a stinky way to die…

  1. It does solve the problem nicely. Plus the problem of excessive sewage.

    A win/win situation.

  2. L’Shana Tova. Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim.

  3. A stinky solution to a crappy problem…

    I do feel a little bad for the 3 Palestinians who drowned in sewer water (ewwww), but not as bad as the innocent Israelis who die at the hands of these terrorists.


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