My Brother, Chaim…

Phase 2 has begun. Chaim went into the army yesterday morning – into Nachal Haredi unit. I’d thought about driving him but realized I had a national conference of 200+ people I was organizing and, in truth, sometimes that last bit they need to do alone. I came home exhausted last night, barely able to move. We put things away…and I went to bed.

This morning Chaim called with a wonderful, “What room am I staying in?” – his way of telling me he was coming for Shabbat…”I might even wear my uniform.” (I’m such a sucker for this stuff.)

Later in the day, Shmulik was on the phone with a friend and they were talking about plans for Saturday night. During the conversation, Shmulik told his friend that “My brother, Chaim” will be here.

I smiled for quite a while over this one! It is nice to see that Chaim is a part of our family – from my perspective, but also from his own and from my other children.

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