More Truths about Gaza…on a Rainy Friday

The thing about weather is that it is…or it isn’t. You look up and the truth is there before your eyes. Whatever will come later is not the issue. For now, it is raining, or it is not; it’s cold, or it’s not. You can’t be fooled by someone saying to you there is no rain when you feel the moisture on your face and can see the drops falling from the clouds. There is no spin to the weather – it just is.

The thing about war is that until the smoke clears…you don’t always know what really happened. Add to this simple concept, an enemy who loves to exaggerate. It’s sort of like the old ethnic joke (stick in whatever nationality you want) which says they (whoever “they” are) are so dumb that when a horrible tragedy occurs and a small, two-seater plane crashes into the cemetery, within a short while, they had already unearthed 500 bodies and were expecting to find more.

That describes the Palestinian philosophy of propaganda and sadly, much of the media’s attention span. Hundreds…no, thousands died in Jenin in a horrible Israel attack. These ridiculous claims went on for weeks and weeks; Israel was condemned right and left. It was a massacre, a holocaust, a bloodbath…no, wait…it was only 52 and 90% or more of the casualties were confirmed combatants; with several of the few remaining unidentified bodies of questionable association.

Flash to 2009 – and the world has learned nothing. A mortar hits outside the United Nations school and immediately the Palestinians turn on their “massacre” track. It’s a bloodbath, it’s a holocaust. Babies and innocents killed in the school as they desperately tried to find shelter.

And the clouds begin to clear. As it turns out – see…the Israeli mortar DID NOT hit the school. NO ONE was killed in the school…the UN knew this all along but let the media dance with claims of a massacre, a holocaust, a horrible, horrible thing. Only no one died IN the school. So, the UN left it at 43 dead – OUTSIDE the school. But the smoke is really clearing now and like the weather, you can’t fool everyone forever – eventually, either you can tell it rained, or it didn’t. And guess what – it didn’t rain at the school in Gaza and there was barely a shower outside.

But, as it turns out, even the 40-43 dead is not true.

According to IsraelInsider (and other news sources):

9 fighters and 3 non-combatants were killed in IDF return fire to Hamas mortar attacks deliberately launched next to a UNRWA school on January 6. Previously it has reported that 40 civilians were killed in the school. Last week the UN admitted that the school itself was in fact not targeted. Now it turns out that the casualty numbers were wildly exaggerated and that most of the hurt of killed were active combatants using civilians as human shields.

You can read the rest of it here.

So, what we come down to…as Israel claimed all along – was that there were Hamas fighters shooting – Israel shot back and killed 9 of them.

I much prefer the clouds in the sky to the UN in Gaza – at least we know that the clouds will deliver an honest and expect result.

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