More Simulations….

They are now simulating not just an earthquake in the north and another earthquake in the south, but also a tidal wave on the coast (west). In short, I have to tell you when my country runs an exercise, they don’t hesitate to lay it on thick.

In general, the attitude in the country is relaxed. It’s good that we are practicing, good that we are imaging and preparing. Meanwhile, David goes back to school after the weekend; Elie starts college today for Engineering; and Aliza is in school, likely taking part in some sort of exercise.

A helicopter is circling overhead. Why? Who knows…maybe after two earthquakes and a tsunami, they’re cooking something up for Jerusalem. I wonder what the radio will play for it…

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  1. Right, helicopters for quite awhile forgot about drill. It was cloudy could not see where they were circling.

  2. It’s about time that you did an Earthquake drill. You live at the tail end of the Rift Valley, historically there have been Earthquakes at the 7.0 range, and the nation has never prepared for an Earthquake.

    Be happy that you are preparing for Earthquakes and not a nuclear attack.

  3. Hey Findalis – actually, Israel regularly does drills for earthquakes. Once a year, literally to the extent of simulating one, digging out “survivors” etc. The exercises are called “Turning Point” and this week is “Turning Point 6”.

    They also drill kids in school to know to get out of the building or go under the desks. A few years ago, there was a serious earthquake – not in the 6 range, but still bad enough to close some schools. The kids were out of the buildings very fast and then had to wait outside until the schools were checked for damage. Elie’s school was damaged slightly – a crack, but no one would risk the kids, so they were sent home early.

  4. I am glad to hear this. Your neighbors don’t prepare and the next big Earthquake will bring a great loss of life.

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