More Pride for a Small Nation

It is amazing to finally watch world media acknowledge what I have known for so long – Israel is an amazing country that has reached out again and again in the face of national disasters. This time, in Haiti, the magnitude has reached such a proportion that Israel’s contributions cannot be ignored. Israel was the first to create a field hospital with full operating capabilities. CNN, ABC, Sky News – reporter after reporter now sees what we have done.

One reporter asked an American volunteer how it was possible that Israel had brought sophisticated equipment and set up such a site…from half a world away, while the United States and much wealthier countries had not yet arrived with their staff and equipment. The American answered simply that she had no answer.

Please take a moment and watch this video – and when you do…say a prayer for the recovery of the people of Haiti and yes, a prayer for continued safety for our doctors and rescue teams…hundreds of people have been treated, received life-saving operations, five babies born so far…Kol Hakavod to our teams there – we are so proud of you. We know that you don’t do it for our pride or for the glory – and yet, the glory and the pride belongs to you.

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  1. Thank you for posting this so eloquently!

  2. Nice posting. I worked with some of the guys who now over there during my service and as trite as it sounds, my prayers are with them. It’s a tough job. Digging through a city of the dead and dying in 8 hour, round the clock shifts.

    For Israel it’s great PR and great training for our guys but from what I know from my service, the people who are there are doing it with only one goal in mind – saving even one more life.

    Thanks for the post.

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