Misinformation is the Name of the Game

The Palestinians win the war of propaganda because facts are foreign, truth expendable. I enjoy honest debates with people who believe differently than me; I don’t enjoy those built on lies and twisted or partial facts. Someone new has found my blog. That’s always a source of pride for me. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and words. I believe in the basic principle that there are three groups of people. The proportional ratios may vary, but there are those who will love you unconditionally, those who will hate you unconditionally, and those who are curious and open to forming an opinion.

I love when those who love us write to me – they offer support, comfort, words that are precious when we mistakenly feel that those who are curious are being swayed by those who hate us. I love when those who are curious write to me – they ask me wonderful questions. My favorite so far was the simple question, “What is it actually like in Israel?”

I can’t say I love when those who hate us write to me because too often, their words are cruel. They wish upon my country destruction and pain; they have wished death on my sons and described the death they would deliver in words no mother should see. I will not despair; I will not let them see the fear in my heart. At times, I’ll even laugh, as I did at Faisal and his stupidity (A Journalist or a Liar?.

Bonnie has found my blog. A new reader who quickly made it clear where she falls. She does not love us, that is for sure. Nor is she really curious or interested in learning more. She falls in the area of those who hate but wants us to know that it is acceptable to hate Israelis and we have no right to suggest this means she is anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic.

it’s small and 2 floors and they are very happy for it, (simple pleasures) thanks for being so happy for them too. During the European WW2 there was a prison camp in a sort of township called Theresienstadt. For the sake of the Red Cross coming to visit the people were fed properly, clothed nice, things cleaned up etc. temporarily. Israel regime is under scrutiny and knows how to play the game. I don’t forget how your honorable IDF feels free to loot Palestinian banks while the Arabs are under closure for “terrorism.” It’s not enough you guys stole everything from them when you came, you take everything as you go along also. I know, I have in-laws there and I pay for Israel’s pillage. The mall will go dry, you should not worry about that. Imagine how long mall shelves would remain stocked in the Warsaw ghetto. That’s how long this one will last too. Or until something so big happens, like a war in Iran that eyes are deliberately shifted elsewhere. That’s how Israel operates.

There is so much wrong with this quote – I’ll give you a few examples:

  1. Theresienstadt was indeed a concentration camp (not really a prison camp – that too is an attempt to cleanse the truth). It was a “show place” and yes, it put on a show for the world. But it wasn’t created by the Jews, who were the “inmates,” but by the Germans as part of their propaganda war. The Gazans opened their mall, not Israel. It isn’t fake. It wasn’t meant to fool anyone. It is a luxurious, fun location built for profit and commerce in a place that claims to be poverty stricken, starving, deprived.
  2. The claim that Israel loots Palestinian banks under cover of closure is absurd and notice there is no source or proof – merely a claim thrown out to the wind. 
  3. Bonnie continues with the propaganda attempt by daring to mention the Warsaw Ghetto. Funny how little she knows about history. The Warsaw Ghetto was liquidated by the Germans – that’s another “cleansing” term – liquidation. what it means is that the Jews who were there were dragged off to concentration camps and murdered. There were no malls in the Warsaw Ghetto, no beach where they could swim. No one poured tens of millions of dollars into the Gaza infrastructure…and most of all, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto didn’t go into Germany and blow up buses, restaurants and malls. What little food there was in the Ghetto didn’t stay long on the shelves, etc.
Bonnie has come to my blog to leave her messages of lies and half-truths intended to fool those who do not know. She says we have no write to say she is anti-Semitic because she hates Israel and yet look at the very examples she uses to justify her point. There were no Israelis in the Warsaw Ghetto, no Israelis in Theresienstadt. They were Jews. 
Bonnie is likely to continue leaving her messages – perhaps I will continue to put them through – feel free to comment and argue with her. But what is important is that she is of the percentage that hates and will never be convinced. Her agenda has been made clear and it is, apparently, the way she operates. No proof, no fact…just endless lies and twisted accusations. Perhaps she has a future on the next UN Council Committee.

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  1. I can’t wait to show my husband this post and Bonnie’s comments. Hubby’s a World History teacher who shows your blog to his students every so often. I’m sorry you have to read such ridiculous comments! How frustrating that must be…

  2. She’s a twisted, misinformed person alright.

    How often do you get this kind of thing?

  3. The Arabs did not create the ghetto of Gaza they were chased off their land, even into the sea. Just like the Zionist propaganda repeats that the Arabs want to do to them. Just replace Zionist where Arab is used and make it past tense. They were herded there like the Nazis herded the Jews into their ghettos only this was a slow genocide. But genocide indeed. You have replaced them where they once were. Just facts. Not propaganda. Is it funny to you? Now they have walls, just like the Warsaw ghetto. Fact. Yeah I see the similarity. You rationalize it I know. The “terrorists” who happen to have been there before you are not happy campers. And for you “historians” I learned about the European holocaust through the memoirs of the survivors. I found it interesting. I learned about Palestine via those survivors. That is interesting too. Plus I am acquainted with Palestine the country. I can see why you want to hold onto it. It’s just like the old Palestinian women describe. That’s where they use to live, and their mothers and their grandmothers etc. Not yours. Colonizers need their myths and so do imperialists. My government is oh so guilty. Only I know better. We have much to read from the native Americans and they don’t lie either. Only the colonizers lie, they have to lie. Racists have to lie to continue the status quo. This is old news. I understand it but I don’t excuse it. I only came here to tell you why we anti Zionists are anti Zionist/Israel. Just FYI from the horses mouth and I have said enough. Your sons are handsome young men, I will end it on that note. Let you get back to your mom’s blog about her sons. G’day.

  4. Thank you for your blog and sharing your Israel with me. It would seem to me Bonnie would only encourage you to continue your insight, as she is so off base. I hope you know how important your blog is to us in America as we have very limited news about what is truly happening there. I am a strong supporter of Israel and loved the yellow rose campaign. Please know that even though the blog is for your benefit, I also see a side of Israel that I would have never have know without you. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Nice post!
    Bonnie, exactly when did Iswrael herd any arabs into the sea??????

    The differences between the survival rate/ living standard between the warsaw ghetto and the Gaza strip is SO HUGE that you should be ashamed of yourself for making the comparison. And again, the Jews of Warsaw where not blowing up buses, throwing rockets, etc.

  6. I appreciate your strength to face each day with such grace and optimism. Thank you for sharing. I pray for the day each of us will be able to really live with one another, with all our differences. If we could just appreciate that we have more in common than not and build on the positive.

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  8. I admire your tolerance and perseverance in trying to show the reality of Israel. Thank you for sharing your life and perspective.

    I look forward to the day I no longer say “next year…” and join you.

    Best regards,

  9. Hi! Greetings from Norway!

    I just wanted to let you know that love your blog, and that Israel has my support. I always been a supporter of Israel, but recently my support for Israel has been growing a lot. Just ignore all those haters, especially those who bring World War 2 in every discussion there is about Israel! I was rolling on the floor laughing when I read what Bonnie had written! I mean WHAT! The Warsaw Ghetto has nothing to do with the things that are happening today. You can’t even compare things that are happening today and what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto. Looks like Bonnie got a big fat F in History.

    I’ve never been to Israel, but the first chance I get I’ll jump on a flight to your lovely country. I’m going to sign up for the volunteer program Sar-El in the summer so I can show my support to Israel and the IDF, and let them know that they aren’t alone. ;)When I told people that I’m going to sign up for the volunteer program, people asked me if I had lost my mind, and I can honestly say I haven’t. For me it feels right to do it. I wish you and your family the best in life. =D

  10. ASM: It has been far too long since I visited your blog. Shmulik is now a soldier! Is Elie still actively serving? I am also impressed with your new format — the skin/theme looks marvelous!

    I followed your link to “What’s it actually like in Israel?” and found your writing to be wonderfully descriptive (as always).

    Don’t be distracted by the opposition — I followed Bonnie’s profile and she appears to be another tool for the Leftist Elites here is America. Ironically, this is one of the few places where she can espouse her vile bunk (crap) without being sanctioned. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but casual readers need only to look at her blogs to see the anti-Semitic thoughts. In one of her blogs, she even blames the Israelis for blowing up the Twin Towers… Unfortunately, it is all-too-easy for most Americans to dismiss her as a looney crackpot. It’s much like the current discussion in the USA about a proposed mosque near Ground Zero. I actually heard one liberal New Yorker say “It’s been 9 years, can’t we move past this whole terrorism talk?”

    I also find it interesting Bonnie calls herself an entrepreneur in her profile. Under Sharia Law, would she be allowed to be an entrepreneur??

    Keep up the blog entries. Keep up your faith. Keep Israel strong!

  11. I had one question for Bonnie — you compare Israelis to the Nazis in Poland. Do the Israelis allow Arabs to live in Israel? Are Muslims allowed to attend mosque in Israel, or are mosques outlawed under Israeli law? I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that question, but please tell me your “point of view” on the subject.

    IF the Israelis start building ovens for the (so-called) Palestinians, then maybe we can debate the similarities of the German Nazis and the Israeli Jews. And when Hamas stops calling for the destruction of Israel and all Jews, then maybe we can start talking about co-existence!

  12. Thanks Cathrine for your kind words – would love to meet you if / when you come to Israel.

    Ah Prophet Joe – I’ve missed you! Thanks for coming back and, as always, for your supportive comments. Love from Israel,


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