Message from a Man in Black…to a Man of Hate

I love this video – posted to YouTube around 5 months ago…it’s a message from one Hassidic Jew (representing so many others) to a man of hate (and to so many like him). It was posted before the Jewish holiday of Purim…

Purim is the story of a Persian king, his right hand man who wanted to kill the Jews, a Jewish man and his niece, who becomes the queen. An evil plot…unraveled at the last moment, twisted around to destroy the one who created the plot. It is about justice in the end, but more, it is about the Jewish people and where we put our faith. It is why we defeated Haman, that ancient Persian…and why we will defeat his descendents – the followers of Ahmadinejad…and today’s “moderate” Iranian president who joined his outgoing colleague just days ago in wishing Israel off the face of this world.

Ari Lesser – you’re great! I hope this video reaches around the world…

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  1. Yeah… and if Row-row-row-your-boat is a moderate, I’m the Queen of Sheba (as long as we’re talking about biblical queens).

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