Me on the Move….

So here’s a warning, I guess.

For the last, well – about 16 years, I’ve only left Israel once, and that was to go to Poland. No one can call going to Poland as a Jew on a voyage to remember and honor those who were murdered during the Holocaust a vacation. It was, a decade ago, a visit that changed my life. I only agreed to go because Amira felt it was important that she, as many, many young Israelis do – make this pilgrimage and she asked me. She said she needed me and I understood. In the end, to be honest, I am left with the feeling that I needed her to be with me at least as much as she needed me, f not more.

Other than that, we’ve visited the US twice – once to visit my ailing in-laws and let them see our three young children, and once to take our four young children to celebrate my older brother-in-law’s wedding. In short – two family-related visits, both more than a decade ago.

In really short – as much as I dream of seeing the beauty of Ireland, Scotland, Italy, far-off lands in the Far East and Asia, scenes of natural beauty in Africa, the mountains of South America, the frozen beauty of Alaska, and all that I haven’t mentioned, each time we take a family vacation, it has been restricted to Israel.

I’m now sitting in an amazing hotel in London. They’ve promised to tell me what the building was once before it was converted to a kosher hotel – the amazingly helpful woman who guided me through my early hours here thinks it was a convent or a church. I can see the convent part, though wow, it couldn’t possibly have looked then as it does now.

So – for the next week or so – this blog is probably going to be more about me and my travels – I hope you’ll bear with me as I discover a bit of the world…a very small bit.

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