Long Term Effects of War on Military Moms

Well, that title is a bit pretentious when what I was aiming for was something else.

Of all my posts – I think one of my favorites came out of the Gaza War. It’s called Scatterbrained…just Scatterbrained. I was trying to act so normal; trying to let everyone think that I was handling everything calmly. I decided to bake a cake on a Friday morning…as I do many weeks of the year…could life be any calmer than that?

I got through the first one…thinking here I was doing just fine. So what if my oldest son was in the middle of a war zone and I was terrified every single second of the day and night? So what if I hadn’t slept in days? If I would regularly go in the bathroom and cry? I was handling it – proof was in the cake, right?

I got the first cake into the oven and decided to go for a second…that was when I realized that I hadn’t quite succeeded nearly as well as I had thought with the first cake.

As for the long-term effects – I’m proud to say that since that day 5 years ago, I’ve baked a lot of cakes and brownies and managed quite well. Elie successfully finished the army, as did Shmulik; they both married very well and all is good…

So, if there is a lesson to be learned from this, I guess it’s that even brains scrambled by worry…do get unscrambled.

I’d love you to read the post – but more, I’d like you to please read the comments…I did – every one of them…several times. They helped me through so much.

More, as I read the post again, I can hear the hysteria…I’m attempting to be normal…but it just isn’t there. I like to think if I were put in the same situation today that I’d handle it better…but I really don’t think I would.

From January, 2009 – Scatterbrained…just Scatterbrained.

I went into my bomb shelter – where I keep my pots and pans and mixing bowls. I’m making vanilla cake muffins with pineapple. I looked at the stack. The white or the yellow bowl? Definitely the yellow. I took the white one to the table and began mixing the cake.

All done. I made 24 little muffins, each with a bit of pineapple in it, and put them into the oven. When they are finished, I’ll continue making more. Maybe I’ll make brownies. Good idea. Well, the white bowl still has batter in it, so I got the yellow one. This time, I got it right.

I went to add eggs to the mix. There’s already an egg in the cup. That means that instead of adding 6 eggs to the white cake, I added only 5 and left one egg in the cup.

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