Many cultures have their own toast they make – we have ours. We say – l’chaim – to life!

Well, here’s my toast to our adopted son…I hope to soon post Shmulik’s as well, but for now – here is an amazing moment we were honored to share with Chaim at his Tekes Hashba’a – Swearing-in Ceremony. What you’ll see is the moment he is handed his rifle and Bible – symbols of our land and our people and the struggle we find ourselves in…some 62 years and counting into our nation’s rebirth.

We expected to see this – that was why we came to the ceremony. To share this moment with Chaim – knowing that his real family is so far away and that by coming, we were representing them (and, we hoped would capture the moment on video for them). Well, we had a surprise. Chaim’s commanding officer reached up to his own shoulder as he stood before Chaim and unbuttoned the flap which held a tag of their unit – Kfir.

He approached Chaim and replaced Chaim’s tag with his own. This is his way of honoring one soldier…and he had chosen Chaim! Watch Chaim’s face. I’ve watched this a dozen times and each time he smiles, my heart warms. He came across the world to serve this land, which he loves so much. We were so proud of him, so honored to have shared this moment.

L’chaim – To Life!

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  1. Beautiful.
    Kol HaKavod to Chaim, to you and your family and to his parents so far way for whom this video will mean so much.
    If you’ve wathed it many times just imagine how many times they will watch it.
    Much nachat to all of you.

  2. I’m surprised that the nachal charedi has so many shaved faces!

    Very nice and congratulations.


  3. Lovely moment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. The smile on Chaim’s face is practically beatific! You have every right to be so proud.

  5. I didn’t start crying until the part with the camera on Chaim, the Israeli flag in the background, the lyrics “kol ha olam kulo gesher tsar m’od….”, and the audience clapping and joining in. Indeed, the main thing is not to be afraid (lo l’fached klal) and to have emuna.

  6. Wow, that moment was powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. With all of Australia going nuts about te flotilla, it was sooo refreshing to see such a beautiful video. Chaim looked ecstatic, so wonderful that it made me cry. Thanks so much for continually sharing.

  8. SO beautiful – brings back memories of the night I met you… thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments – yes, it was a wonderful day. Chaim was wonderful and the ceremony very touching and beautiful.

    Hi Lynne – I was mostly okay.I lost it when I realized what Chaim’s commanding officer was doing…and then a few other times. It was really such a beautiful ceremony.

    Shelley – yes, I thought of you while I was watching Chaim. I wish you could have been here to share this moment and others with me. Hope you plan a trip to Israel in the near future – would love you to meet my boys and maybe we can get the husbands together too! Much love from here.


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