Laying One Lie to Rest

The path to truth is sometimes found by dealing with one lie at a time. It can get overwhelming, when they throw lies at you and so I begin to unravel them – one lie at a time. It comes from those first days when Elie was in the army. I learned a vital life lesson. That which seems unmanageable can be managed, if you take it one day at a time, one step at a time, one lie at a time.

So, today’s lie is going around the globe. Proof is given again and again and yet the lie remains. They are starving in Gaza – no, they are not. A humanitarian crisis – no, there is not.

Below is a video – because pictures are so much harder to deny than numbers. I can tell you that all the “aid” on the flotilla currently trying to make its way to Gaza amounts to less than half of what Israel sends on a regular day. Less than half. A lie. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza – the UN confirms it; the Red Cross confirms it. Even Palestinian businessmen in Gaza confirm they don’t need these flotilla fanatics to bring anything. All they need, Hedy Epstein, is a government that cares enough to place the needs above the people above those of the leaders.

They don’t need food. They don’t need medicine. No, they don’t even need materials to build homes – look at this video – bathtubs, television sets, cars. All are imported into Gaza. Lies are what the world is being told. Lies about the situation in Gaza. Lies. One person wrote something so simple and so true. There is no occupation of Gaza – there is only one Israeli soldier in Gaza – Gilad Shalit.

And, had he not been kidnapped, Gilad, like Elie, would have been discharged long ago. He would be studying now, perhaps married. He would be making plans now, as Shmulik is doing, for making some extra money over the summer and perhaps planning a trip to Eilat for vacation.

All this…if this one lie about Gaza were not being used to fool the world.

Some of the Items Transferred into Gaza from Israel on a Daily Basis:

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  1. Lying is wrong. Moreso, lying for peace. Gaza is not suffering. The reprehensible lie that it is, is now being used to advance the agenda of those who seek Israel’s destruction. No good will come of exploiting others to serve an evil end. It has been remarked Israel takes great risks to protect itself. This is true – freedom can only be reliably protected with armed force. As long as this world exists, the lion will never lie down with the lamb. That is why Israel will never be taken in by those whose motives have in nothing in common with the truth.

  2. A picture truly is worth a thousand words…

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