Justice Comes…

to those who wait.

Another aspect of Israel is an incredible sense of justice. In the US, we were always taught very proper concept of “justice delayed is justice denied.” In Israel, we learn another aspect of this tenet. Even when justice is delayed, you have to keep pursuing it…and it will come.

Seven years ago, two Israel reserve soldiers on their way to do their reserve duty, made a wrong turn and entered Ramallah. Their names were Vadim Nurzitz and Yossi Avrahami. In a violent episode that was largely filmed and aired later, the two were dragged from their car, beaten, and finally lynched.

Early this morning, the IDF announced that Israeli soldiers has arrested 36-year-old Tanzim terrorist Hayman Zaben in Shechem. Zaben is the last of the terrorists responsible for murdering IDF reservists Vadim Nurzitz and Yossi Avrahami. All the other terrorists responsible for the lynch are already in Israeli custody.

Nothing can bring comfort to their families – to the wives who lost their husbands and the children, including one born a few months after the lynching to Vadim’s wife, who lost their fathers, but this is yet another case where we can see that justice comes to Israel…even if it takes time. This too, is Israel.

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