Join the IDF!

Well, my sons did, so why not me? Now the IDF is letting everyone join – and I’m already in! I joined for a lot of reasons – first, it gives me a kick…it’s fun. second, as it shows below, we get to let the world know what’s really going on in Israel.
I’ve been trying to do that for 5 years – only now, I get to do it with a rank! The problem is, it’s addictive and as you rack up the points, I realized it’s possible to really move up in the ranks. What took Elie three years to accomplish – First Sergeant – took me less than an hour.
Now, a few hours later, I’m a Veteran Lieutenant! And, as the army does – today is Friday and I already know I’ve got my first Friday home with my family! God bless the IDF and Shabbat shalom to everyone – from Veteran Lieutenant “A Soldier’s Mother”!

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