John Kerry’s Mouth

John Kerry loves to throw words out there into the world of politics. The only problem is, his mouth seems to work faster than his brain and so the State Department has to run to do “clean up.” The latest word is “apartheid.”

In the past he has warned Israel about blockades and isolation – only to clarify that supposedly he wasn’t threatening us with this, only informing us of the possibility.  Hey John, they’ve been boycotting us for 66 years – trust me, we noticed. Isolation, man, you don’t know the meaning of the word. When people come to Israel, we don’t even stamp their passports anymore – we stamp a piece of paper so the idiot Arab countries don’t have to face some ink that says, “Israel” and get insulted.

So now he throws out the word “apartheid” and the State Department rushed to point out that didn’t say Israel IS apartheid – no, they assure us, we are a vibrant democracy where all our citizens have equal rights. Gee, thanks for realizing it, John. Glad we talked.

But you see, they warn us, it is possible, if the peace talks fail (um…they are so dead even mouth-to-mouth, Kerry-to-Abbas, won’t save them)…then, Israel might….

What was missing, other than any iota of logic, in Kerry’s words was the balance. Always, forever, the balance.

What of the Arabs? What about this dream of a Palestinian state? Have you no concern about what type of a state, a Hamas-Fatah alliance would bring to the Middle East, John? None? Any?

Open your eyes and look. It would be, God help us, a state much like the others that surround us. Have you noticed how well they are doing lately?

Egypt has just condemned more than 650 people to be executed. SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY…yeah. Israel, in 66 years, has executed ONE person…Adolf Eichmann and if he didn’t deserve it, never mind. A day after Holocaust Remembrance Day, I can’t go there. One person in 66 years versus 650 people in one day…and you are worried about us?

Presumably half the population among Palestinians is women (you can balance out those women murdered by their families in “honor killings” with those who commit suicide or attack Israel or fire rockets to get to around 50-50). Do you have nothing to say, John Kerry, about what life is like or would be like for women in a Palestinians state?

According to a 2012 report, 37% of married Palestinian women have been abused. THIRTY-SEVEN PERCENT. Not a word about what type of state they would create?

They raise their children in violence, their women behind veils and layers of societal abuse and inequality. Nothing for them, John Kerry? No worries there about the inequality within their society? Nothing of what it is for a Christian to live among them? A Jew merely to travel within their cities?

The power of words is incredible. Words can kill; words can comfort. Words can promise and build, or wreak havoc and destroy. Look at Israel. We are a vibrant democracy and we don’t need you to recognize that because the most important people of all know this to be true – we know it. We live it every day.

I rise in the morning and before I have even left my small city, I see Arabs coming to work here, shop here, and get medical assistance (or work in the medical facilities we have – the Arab doctor who treated a recent cut and infection, for example). I drive or take the bus – often driven by an Arab – into Jerusalem where I take the train to my office. Some of the train drivers are Arabs; many of the passengers are. They have no fear boarding the train…except perhaps for the train inspectors because an amazing number of the young Arab men who ride the train simply don’t pay and so they watch for the inspectors and rush to the machine if/when they see them.

By contrast, I cannot drive freely and safely into an Arab village; perhaps not even an Arab neighborhood…and sometimes, not even close to one. Baruch Mizrachi was driving NEAR one, on a public highway under Israeli security when he was attacked and murdered less than two weeks ago. No words for the family of Mizrachi, John Kerry? No worries about a society that encourages its young to shoot into passing cars, throw firebombs and stones/boulders at passing cars and buses?

Israel, where Arabs serve in the government, vote, go to school, shop daily, take full advantage of our medical facilities is headed toward apartheid? Why assume that Israel spiral downward in the face of failed negotiations? They have been failing for 66 years and we’ve only gotten better and better over the decades.

To be credible, words must be used fairly and honestly. John Kerry’s words were neither. He is frustrated, that is clear. More, he has failed, repeatedly because his ego stands in the way. He comes to preach rather than understand. Do it my way, he says, or you will fail. Well, duh, whether we do it “your” way or no way, the talks were destined to fail because the base upon which they were built was flawed.

Recently, Bibi Netanyahu said something very wise to the Arabs – call us when you want peace. Till then, Kerry, trust us – Israel will remain, as it today, a vibrant democracy where we struggle, as all democracies do, to give the best we can to all our citizens while balancing the needs of all sectors and realities.

And, by contrast, the Palestinian areas are likely to remain, as they are today, cesspools of hatred, violence, and abuse – for their wives, their daughters, their children, the minorities among them. Be Islam, or die. Listen to the Imam, the father in the family, or be punished. Do not compromise; do not show weakness. Fight the infidel.

And when you need medical treatment, try to get to the Israelis.

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