John Demjanyuk – May the Sins of your life haunt you forever

I know that going to many sites is just going to annoy me. Why? Why did I bother reading the CNN posting about the Demjanyuk trial? I can’t answer that…but I will answer the many, many comments that spoke of a frail man, a poor, hunted man…and other comments that border on, and even cross all lines of decency into the realm of anti-Semitic.

So, here is my view:

I have no mixed feelings, no hesitation, no doubts. That this man escaped justice for a quarter of a century does not mean he is innocent. He is old and he is frail…well, his victims never got the chance to be either.

I want to see him stand trial…and if he can’t stand…let him sit there.

I want to see the trial continue – even if the man drops dead in the middle.

I want to see the evidence spoken out loud; his crimes detailed.

I want him to be sentenced to spend the rest of his cursed life in prison – in bed, in a chair, I don’t care.

No mercy…no forgiveness? It’s a question – and my answer is – as much as he showed his victims.

I want to thank those who offered intelligent comments above…and shame on those who used this forum to spout yet more anti-Semitic drivel (rmartin, for example).

If to save his own life, he had to help murder 27,000 people (and I believe, actually, the number is 29,000, not 27,000…than his life should have been forfeited. He had no right to life by choosing to kill others.

You do the crime…you do the time…whether it was last week or last century. May John Demjanyuk never have a sleep-filled night in this world or in the next. May he be haunted by his crimes and know that long after he is dust…the children of those who survived will curse his memory and dedicate their lives to preventing others from committing similar crimes.

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