It’s Raining Rockets Again

I have to much I want to write about…but my mind is filled with two numbers – 30, and 9. Thirty is the number of rockets fired at Israel last night, hours after an Israel armored jeep was hit with an anti-tank missile, critically injuring two, lightly injuring two other soldiers. Nine is the number of rockets that had been fired at Israel by 9:00 this morning…schools in some areas are closed; people again ordered to stay near shelters.

Again comes from Gaza the ridiculous claims of injuries – simultaneously announcing the names of new martyrs – all members of Islamic Jihad or some other terrorist group; all engaged in attempting to fire rockets while they were taken out of action.

Again, someone writes to me about homemade rockets in Gaza. What the heck is a homemade rocket? This is artillery they are firing at us – it is traveling as much as 40 km. These are GRAD missiles – most smuggled in from Iran. As Elie said, “their rockets are as homemade as ours. We make ours in labs here; they make theirs in labs in Iran!”

Again, someone dismisses forty rockets fired at Israel because they only managed to injure four people – never mind that less were hurt because with each Color Red siren begins the mad dash for shelter; because most people last night gave up moving their children to their bedrooms and just camped out in bomb shelters. How can you possibly mourn the deaths of three men who are firing at one million civilians more than the terrified people they target?

A school was hit this morning; two homes as well. Three people injured; cars and other property damage. One report is saying 70 rockets have been fired in the last 15 hours or so…70 rockets.

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  1. The number 70 has been repeated in the news, but for a different reason. They say ONE missile from the enemy is the first one that landed near Jerusalem since 1970.

    As you well know, this has been repeated by other “prestigous” news sources.

    So, this could be a play on words. Maybe they’ve changed the definition of missile. Maybe since they all landed INSIDE Jerusalem and not near it, they think this is a truth.

    Maybe the reporters want to come and report from INSIDE Jerusalem for awhile. I’m sure you could loan them an Israeli uniform for a more realistic experience.

    Please keep writing. Please let your voice be heard.

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