It’s Called Terrorism, Folks

It angered me when President Obama refused to use the “T” word for the Fort Hood attack. When someone takes a gun, screams, “Allah Akbar” and opens fire, the action is clearly a terrorist one. Obama had problems with the more recent attack against American forces in Germany as well. So let me explain.

Last week, terrorists threw rocks at a bus from Maale Adumim that was about to enter a tunnel in Jerusalem. The tunnel was built a few years ago as a bypass to the old bypass road. The first bypass road was built so that thousands of people didn’t have to drive through Abu Dis and Azarya for the 5 minute drive into Jerusalem from Maale Adumim. Those 5 minutes through two Arab neighborhoods threatened their safety and their lives as Arabs were throwing rocks and firebombs and more at passing cars.

During the second intifada, the Arabs attacked the bypass road, shooting, throwing things, etc. at the passing cars. More than once, they threw couches, chairs, even a washing machine – “appliance terrorism” a friend joked, but terrorism, nonetheless.

So the second bypass road was built, tunneling under Mt. Scopus into Jerusalem and moving the path of now tens of thousands of Israelis to a safer more distant area. And so, sometimes, despite heightened security, some cameras, and a checkpoint, the Arabs attack that road. Not often, as the land doesn’t easily lend itself to attack and run, but still it happens.

Last week, they attacked a bus – one woman was injured and the bus was damaged. The Arabs had failed, though – because their goal was likely to hit the driver’s window, shattering it from above and causing the bus to crash. The greater the suffering, the more the victory – for a terrorist.

Last night, Arabs opened fire on a bus in Maale Ephraim, north of Jerusalem. Damage to the bus, no injuries. Again, a failure for the terrorist. Again, terrorism.

It’s called terrorism, folks – when someone opens fire on innocents. It’s terrorism when they use religion or politics as the justification for their attack, glorifying in the suffering of innocents. Terrorism, Mr. Obama.

Of all Obama’s failures, and there are many, I believe his greatest failure will go down in history as his refusal to understand the fundamental threat that we in the west face. For whatever reason he refuses to see it, and I won’t get into his religion, his birth certificate or parents, whatever the reason, his refusal to call terrorism by name is an insult to Americans, the military, all Israelis, and anyone who believes in the rights of the innocent.

When a rocket is fired at a city, that is terrorism. It terrorizes hundreds of thousands of people, parents and children, innocents. No political or military action in the world justifies such terrorism. That is the fundamental truth that Obama seeks to minimize by failing to use the accurate word.

It IS terrorism, folks. Yesterday and the day before, last week, last month, last year. In Fort Hood, in Tel Aviv, in Germany, in Kfar Sava, on September 11, in Bali, Jerusalem, Madrid, Netanya.


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  1. It’s also terrorism when a US government official such as Peter King (R-NY) backs the IRA who also targeted civilians. His rationale is that it wasn’t against the US so it couldn’t possibly be terrorism. Basically unless your own ox is being gored it’s OK to use terroristic operations.

  2. You are 100% correct in everything you said! Shabbat Shalom to all, Jan

  3. Not ‘terrorism’.

    Be even more precise.


    Jihad, to impose Sharia, one of the principles of which is that Muslims and Muslims alone must rule, always and everywhere. Islam is the Creed of Lord Voldemort: ‘there is neither good nor evil, there is only Power, and those too weak to seek it’.

    At the core of Islam is the pursuit of raw amoral unlimited Power over others; a vicious bully mentality. Where sharia prevails, Muslim men have unlimited power over women Muslim and non-Muslim, power to rape, abuse and killl; and Muslims have unlimited power over non-Muslims, power frequently exercised to rob, rape, abuse and kill.

    If you don’t believe me, read Nonie Darwish (ex-Muslim), her book on Sharia, ‘Cruel and Usual Punishment’, or Wafa Sultan, another ex-Muslim, her book ‘A God Who Hates’.

    Joseph Schacht wrote, in his book ‘an Introduction to Islamic Law’: the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war: they must be converted, or subjugated, or killed”
    Jews in Israel, like Hindus in India, have refused to convert; they are refusing to become subservient, cringing, terrified dhimmi near-slaves to Muslim overlords; and , therefore, the Muslims HATE them, and are determined to attack and crush and KILL them.

    (For a study of dhimmitude, see Mark Durie, “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom”. His discussion of the dhimma system is lucid, scholarly…and horrifying, in precisely the same way as an account of the Nazi system and mindset is horrifying).

  4. Agreed. Unless and until we call it what it IS: TERRORISM, we have no hopes of controlling terrorism.

  5. Andy Levy-Stevenson // March 14, 2011 at 2:11 pm // Reply

    Paula, our views are very similar, but I am weary of this meme about President Obama not using the word terrorism. More than a year ago this was put to rest by Rachel Maddow:

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