Israel’s Record on the Darfur Refugees

A newspaper in Oregon has the headline “Israel Spurns Darfur Refugees”. As usual this couldn’t be further from the truth. Following, are three sample stories of many that show what is happening in reality. Ynet news reports Sudanese Refugees to Study in Israeli Schools Seventy-six Sudanese refugees, ages four and up, will be integrated into the Israeli school system during the coming academic year, according to an announcement by Education Minister this week.
The Sudanese children will be enrolled in Israeli grade schools and high schools despite the fact that their parents are in the country under refugee status, and without permanent housing.

Then from the Washington Post Flight from Darfur Ends Violently in Egypt Israel has up to 50 African refugees crossing its border a day, according to the UN refugee agency. The Israeli government earlier this year allowed a few of the Sudanese refugees to take jobs inside Israel. But that decision may have inadvertently encouraged this summer’s influx, the refugees said. Egypt regards its border with Israel a military zone, and anyone trying to cross it is considered an infiltrator. Since July, Egyptian border guards have repeatedly used lethal force on the unarmed refugees

Meanwhile from Israel 21C Darfur refugees seeing things more clearly, thanks to Israeli eye initiative Israeli ophthalmologist Dr. Drora Zarfati has just returned from a refugee camp in northern Kenya where she and a colleague treated hundreds of Sudanese refugees from Darfur. The team gave examinations to detect eye diseases, and performed surgery for cataracts and droopy eyes. Amid difficult conditions and dangerous floods, Zarfati found that this was not just the most difficult mission she had ever undertaken, but also the most rewarding.

Report from: Israeli Citizens Action Network

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