Israeli Special Forces in Nairobi…

There are reports all over the Internet that Israel special forces are involved in the WestGate Mall rescue operation in Nairobi. Part of me wants to bang my head against the wall.

How can it help anyone at this time, while there are still hostages…to tell them about the rescue effort? 
And then there is that devil inside me that couldn’t resist. 

I don’t know if the Israelis are helping – isn’t it wonderful if they are? If the thought that Israel is there frightens the terrorists – good. If it makes them dare, take chances…good.

But what if it makes them more desperate? What if it causes them to fulfill their ultimate martyrdom and aim for those 72 virgins (may they be 72 years old, bald and completely flat-chested)?

If, God forbid this happens – the blame will be on each irresponsible journalist who crossed the line of humanity to catch some stupid scoop.

I know we will find out the truth soon enough. They are there, or they are not. Whatever is happening…it will happen. For now, I fall back on my sense of humor and the hope that the terrorists are so busy trying to avoid capture (may they fail soon) that they are too busy to read CNN and other news channels.

Journalism should be a force to bring truth to the world. Freedom of the press is invaluable, but even so, it should not be allowed to endanger lives. There remain approximately 30 people held hostage in Nairobi – everyone of those lives are even more at risk, thanks to irresponsible journalists. And so my final tweet…

Here’s hoping the terrorists listen.

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