Israeli Humor

Israelis have a sense of humor about pretty much everything. We need to because too often we are faced with the option of laughing or crying. It’s kind of overwhelming when you think of gas masks and terror attacks…so, along comes this YouTube video. The message is not pro-war or wanting to attack. It’s message is to look at the light side of it all.

To make it cross-cultural, let me explain the ending (everything else is translated). The American says at the end, “Sababa Egozim” – which is roughly translated at “Great – nuts,” but various sites have translated the combination as anything from “Great, go for it” to “great stuff.” No matter what the translation, it is clear that the mere taste of the spread encourage the “general” to give Israel the green light.

The Israelis are clearly overjoyed – they high-five each other and then one picks up the phone and says, “Send” – i.e. – he gives approval for the mission.

No, we are not going to ask the US for permission; no, we are not going to sit around and beg for someone to give us the green light; and no, we don’t honestly think someone is going to taste an almond-chocolate spread and tell us to go ahead.  The point of this video is to smile, to remember that no matter how seriously we take ourselves, there truly is a Greater Force at work here.

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