Israel Helping Others – A Way of Life

Without doubt, a critical part of who we are is shaped by the memory of a time when we needed help and only a very few reached out to offer that help. Once we achieved our goal and re-established our country, helping others around the world has indeed become a way of life. Often, Israel does it quietly – sending aid in a country’s time of need.

Recent articles in a number of Israeli sites reported that we are sending medical aid and water treatment supplies to the stricken Myanmar community after devastating cyclones hit recently. The world may not recognize this aid, but hopefully those who are receiving it will remember in their time of need, Israel reached out to help – this IS Israel.

Foreign Ministry officials announced Monday that Israel would send assistance to Myanmar following a cyclone that caused extensive death and destruction in the country. Israel will send medical assistance and water treatment supplies, they said. Israel is currently waiting to hear what exactly Myanmar needs, they added.
Hundreds of people were reported dead following the cyclone and thousands more are missing. The Myanmar government has expressed fear that death tolls will increase due to the storm’s effect on the water supply.

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