Is this real?

I don’t know. Hard to believe it is…and yet…

A friend sent me these pictures. The man on the left is definitely Benyamin Netanyahu – Israel’s current prime minister. The one on the right, says the email, is Barack Hussein Obama. Is it him? I don’t know, but the caption of the email got to me. It says simply, “Whose reality is closer to the mark?”

Two young men in their twenties – worlds and worlds apart. I listened as Obama thought to dictate HIS ideas, HIS plans, HIS orders to my country. No, Obama, no – we will not return to the 1967 borders. You can’t stop and start history without any regard for what came before. The UN came up with a plan to split the land. It was the “two peoples, two lands” idea the Palestinians are now so keen to accept…or so they claim in their English propaganda.
THEY said no then – in all languages…in Arabic, in English and in the language of war. They attacked us. Had they won, there would have been no Israel and perhaps, no Jews today. Drastic statement, but likely true.
They lost. Five Arab nations attacked a tiny, unprepared nation desperate enough, holy enough, determined enough, not to be pushed into the sea. Then and now.
For 19 years, the borders created in 1949 held. They fell after more war…and have been gone for more than 40 years. What makes those borders holy? Nothing. What makes them attainable? Nothing.
Even Hamas is questioning why the 1967 borders are the world’s focus. They think they can push the world to go back to the Partition Plan of 1947. That’s what happens when you play with history…people start arguing about where to start. Before 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, 2000 years?
Anyway, what struck me about these pictures is the difference in the realities of these two young men; one a combat soldier in a nation that has lived on the brink of war for all of its existence, surrounded by enemies who plan and plot; and another at leisure, cigarette in hand and that look on his face.
I’m not always a fan of Bibi, okay, usually not…but I have to say the look on his face in this picture does something to me. It is not the face of a young man in his 20’s, carefree and having a smoke. It is a man that should still be a boy; a son to us all. His reality – then, and now is one that puts Obama to shame. Bibi did not re-imagine the world (whatever that means). He has fought for this land and this country – for real, with a gun in his hand and now with his will and his words. 
Obama’s treatment of him this week, his treatment of Israel, was an insult. No, Obama – just no. We will not return to borders that cannot be defended against an enemy as determined today as they were 63 years ago. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.
    In the Palestinian English propoganda they don’t even accept “two lands for two people.” It’s more like “a land for the Palestinians and a land where some Jews happen to live for now.” And the world wonders what our problem is.

  2. I agree Obama has treated Benjamin Netanyahu with total disrespect on this trip as well as the last one. It is good to see that some Israels see through his facade, a lot of Jewish people here are giving him a pass. I stand with Israel and their right to live peacefully. Bless you and yours.

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