Is Israel an Apartheid Nation?

Of course, I’m going to say no. Israel is an incredible democracy, a lone example in the Middle East. But why would you believe me, right? How about believing this young woman…she is an Arab, an Israeli Arab and speaks of Israel with love and not with hatred. She is blessed to realize the tremendous gifts this land offers its citizens.

So – don’t listen to me – listen to Rania.

Or listen to this – the facts about Israel and apartheid:

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  1. Very well done, Paula.

  2. only tangentially on-topic here; but perhaps worth a thought.

    The normal Israeli reaction to rock-throwing youths is to have active-duty adult soldiers return fire with less-than-lethal weapons. Which is 101% justified and actually is very restrained. And even excessively restrained in my view.

    But is it really winning the REAL war, which is for hearts-and-minds of young Israeli Arabs who are trying to decide whether to serve in Tzahal?

    Today in San Diego, a rock thrown by a ghetto youth at a passing car was answered from the car by: a crossbow arrow to his guts.

    Think of the hasbara value of having Israeli middle-school kids shoot bows and arrows at rock throwers. Let it even be girl archers. Let them even be uniformed in Hasmonean style. Let them even be photogenic and hotties. Or “of color”. Maybe even merely Moroccan, but a little make-up can highlight the darkness, after all. If falsies can do wonders, then wonders can be done by those who know how to think ahead several moves in the chess game of life!

    If a torah in a submarine can get arranged, this can get arranged.

    If you will it, it is no dream.

  3. Just a point you may have missed. The second video is from Maoz Israel which is a missionary org trying to take Jews away from their faith.

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