In Good Faith

It’s hard, as a mother of a soldier, to believe that your son is offering three years of his life to ensure the safety of our nation, while our own government does things that seem to counter this very notion.

A Kassam rocket launched by terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza landed and exploded in an open area next to a Jewish community in the Ashkelon Coast Council region Monday evening. (Israel National News)

Today, our country decided to release 277 security prisoners. Our government said it wanted to strengthen Abu Mazen, leader of the Palestinians who lost an election to Hamas in Gaza.

….148 of the 227 terrorists released on Monday were convicted for attempted murder.

In the last few days, Israel has confirmed that we’ve been hit by more than 10,000 rockets and mortars in the past few years. For the last 6 months, Hamas has alternated between claiming that there is a cease-fire, and firing rockets at us. The 6-month “trial” cease-fire that they supposedly declared back in June or July ends later this week. Hamas has announced that they won’t renew it. I’m not sure that this means that “tomorrow” we will be hit with more or less rockets than today.

I’ve never quite seen “cease-fire” defined this way. I’ve never quite understood “in good faith” to mean taking actions which endanger your people, all for nothing at all. As those who were released today celebrate with their families and the Palestinians claim victory, I have no doubt that Israel will continue to be attacked by rockets and mortars.

Hamas says the “cease-fire” will end soon – perhaps the Israeli government could be even half as smart and end the “good faith.”

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