Images of a Holiday

My mother and father joined us for the last days of this holiday month. We went to the synagogue, my mother and I. She has memories of her childhood that are brought back by the things she sees. She reads the prayers and sees their beauty.

“You have to write about this,” she told me. “All the stories of the people.”

It’s a challenge. You see, on Jewish holidays, we are restricted in what we can do – for example, we don’t use electricity, we don’t take pictures. And so what pictures we have are saved in our minds; what images we draw are done with words. She’s right, of course, the pictures should be shared.

Okay, here’s a list of the stories I want to write – one by one, I’ll write them. I can’t write them all today and there will be more. For today, I’ll write the list – (I’ll link them here later), and I’ll write the first one.

Here are images of a holiday

  • A Torah
  • Two Old Men
  • Two Dancing Men in White
  • A Man and His Sons
  • A Father and His Daughter
  • A Smile
  • My Husband
  • My Grandson and His Mother and Father
  • Sharing a Son with His Mother
  • Food, Glorious Food
I really hope I do all of these…

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