Ima, Don’t Freak Out…

Guaranteed words to freak out a mother, no?

So, apparently my 13-year old daughter “got stuck in a tree.” What that apparently means is that she was walking and not paying attention and walked into a tree and scraped her cheek and forehead. It’s also quite a literal translation for how a child would say this in Hebrew…but the translation doesn’t quite work in English.

And thus began a conversation to understand how bad the injury was – considering that I’m a good 2 hours away by car and her father is in a meeting.

“It’s not bad. You can barely see the scrape on my forehead. And my hair covers it.”

“Can you send me a picture?”  I wasn’t sure what to think, but she sounded fine, even cheerful.I asked her so I figured a picture might tell me what was happening more than her description.

“No, because then you’ll freak out. And it will look bigger than it is. I only lost a little blood and I put ice on it right away.”

Blood? Ice? She sounds fine, I kept reminding myself, despite the amazing logic of a child. So, with a promise not to freak out, she sent me a picture.

Not so bad…considering she got stuck on a tree…

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