If you believe peace is possible…

If you believe peace is possible in the Middle East, you should watch this video…I wish Obama would. No, I don’t expect him to, but here is the situation in the Middle East…in about 3 minutes.

Listen to this. You may not like it…but it is the truth. This is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at a major university in Israel. He knows what he is talking about. He has studied this; he has spent many years understanding the realities of which he speaks.

Again, you may not like it – especially if you are someone who still believes peace is possible. If so, this is an anathema to you; this is something that goes against all you want to believe. What you have to understand, in the simplest of terms, is that just because you dream of something…it doesn’t mean others do too. You may believe peace is possible, but are you sure that the Arabs dream of the same peace you are trying so hard to create?

Stop imposing YOUR beliefs on the Muslims…start understanding what THEY believe. If there is ever going to be peace…it will only start when you, those in the west, those who believe Obama is interested in peace in the Middle East, understand the philosophy, the ideology, the dogmatic, unwavering, uncompromising stand of Islam.

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