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  1. it’s small and 2 floors and they are very happy for it, (simple pleasures) thanks for being so happy for them too. During the European WW2 there was a prison camp in a sort of township called Theresienstadt. For the sake of the Red Cross coming to visit the people were fed properly, clothed nice, things cleaned up etc. temporarily. Israel regime is under scrutiny and knows how to play the game. I don’t forget how your honorable IDF feels free to loot Palestinian banks while the Arabs are under closure for “terrorism.” It’s not enough you guys stole everything from them when you came, you take everything as you go along also. I know, I have in-laws there and I pay for Israel’s pillage. The mall will go dry, you should not worry about that. Imagine how long mall shelves would remain stocked in the Warsaw ghetto. That’s how long this one will last too. Or until something so big happens, like a war in Iran that eyes are deliberately shifted elsewhere. That’s how Israel operates.

  2. I’ve decided to respond to this comment more fully in a post called “Misinformation is the Name of the Game”.

    Bonnie’s posts are full of lies and half truths, insults to Jews and to Israelis. We didn’t build the Gaza Mall – the Palestinians did. We also didn’t build the Warsaw Ghetto – the Nazis did. Read more at:


    And please do feel free to comment back to Bonnie – I’ll put them all through because I want her to hear the truth, the real truth.

  3. Oh the inhumanity! What torture to have to suffer such a shoddy mall, since we all know there is no cement etc etc in Gaza.

    And POOR Bonnie! Her ignorance must be such a heavy burden to bear…;)

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