Humanity Given…if only it was Received

Our medics often help Palestinians. It is done without expectation of ever receiving the same treatment back. It is done because Israel respects human life – all human life. It is a shame the Palestinians do not treat our wounded the same way. It is a shame that all too often they target our innocents and worse, put their own innocent civilians in harm’s way in their never-ending quest to destroy Israel.

Here is but one sample, from several months ago, of how Israelis reach out to help others…

March 2007
MDA enters Gaza to treat Palestinian

MDA medics risked their lives Friday and crossed Erez Crossing to the Palestinian side in order to stabilize and evacuate a Palestinian woman who had suffered a heart attack in Gaza.IDF sources said the MDA medics took a “great risk” by crossing over to the Palestinian side of Erez.The woman, 31, was evacuated to the crossing by Palestinian medics who had failed to resuscitate her following the heart attack.

After coordinating with the Gaza Liaison Administration, the MDA medics crossed into Gaza, stabilized the woman and evacuated her into Israel where she was transferred to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.On Thursday, for the first time since the beginning of the second intifada, an MDA ambulance entered Ramallah to evacuate a six-month-old Palestinian baby for medical treatment.The baby, who was in critical condition, was thought to have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

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