Home Again

Elie’s back home tonight after a long day first in the army and then in a course he is taking. The army let him leave at 2:30 p.m. – in the middle of the training. His commanding officer told Elie not to mention anything, “we’ll tell them slowly,” he said.

The instructor wasn’t happy but one of the experts said he’d work with Elie, if necessary. Elie drove back for his lesson. His teacher in Jerusalem wasn’t thrilled that he got there late but when she saw him in uniform, she understood. He left a few minutes early, too tired to concentrate.

He’s home now, making himself something to eat and getting ready for tomorrow. He liked the people he met – including a few from his army days. He’s home safe, tired and well. Tomorrow he goes down again.

Meanwhile, Shmulik is enjoying a day off tomorrow so he can put in some hours as a security job and earn extra money. My daughter is home with her husband and amazingly gorgeous little baby. Davidi is home from school; raiding the refrigerator. Aliza is asleep in her bed.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself earlier today. Sometimes, when you feel down, God sends you a deeper understanding of how lucky and blessed you are. I got that today as I drove home and listened to Elie talking; as I heard my three boys talking about which sleeping bag Elie should take with him; when my little girl rushed down the steps to give me a kiss and hug before she went to sleep, and as my older daughter called me and told me about her son.

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