Quick follow up – last week, I told you about my youngest son leaving his backpack on the train (Blowing things up). Well, with a little bit of pressing, he’s added to the list of things that were inside:

Keys to his dorm room
Sunglasses – red and black, not cheap ones…

“A book…”, he said.

“A book?” I counter, thinking of the hundreds of shekels I spent on his school books this year and how much time it took and how many stores we visited.

“Oh”…he said as he lowers his head.

“What book?” I ask, trying to brace myself.

He looks a bit green. It was his sister’s book. She lent it to him, telling him it was one of her favorite books.

“What book?” I ask again.

“Holes,” he answers.

Louis Sachar’s Holes.

There has to be an irony there in the police blowing up a book called Holes.

My daughter didn’t really see the humor in it, but she did take it quite well. Me…I have to go find her another copy to replace the old one…

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