Hey, Gaza – You Can’t Have it Both Ways…

A man writes to me – your blockade isn’t working since Arabs continue to smuggle in rockets to fire against Israel. He is urging me to somehow make peace. I haven’t really been able to explain that though I’m somewhat respected in the field of technical writing and my community often says I’m really good at baking cookies, I can’t actually make the government make peace.

But anyway, an interesting thought crossed my mind – our enemies take pride in the fact that Gaza has found a way to continue arming itself with rockets to fire at Israel. One person wrote to me that the blockade clearly isn’t working.

Isn’t that interesting – the blockade isn’t working when they need to smuggle rockets in, but apparently they don’t think it odd that they claim they are starving, have no medicines, etc. I mean, if you had tunnels that could bring in rockets, wouldn’t you think to use them to bring in food and other essentials.

Unless, of course, you already have those essentials and, as we’ve already had the UN and the Red Cross confirm…there is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Guess the rocket fire against Israel is a good thing – it proves there is no humanitarian crisis there…or perhaps no humanity…or perhaps….perhaps both.

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  1. I love his twisted logic:

    A blockade of Gaza (a relatively passive course of action in military terms) isn’t working because evidence shows that Palestinians (I prefer Philistines) are still firing rockets (a rather combative course of action in military terms) at Israel.

    What’s does logic tell him is the answer? Israel must make peace… What?? The peaceful, more-passive nation should stop what they’re doing and make peace.

    Ummm, what about the belligerent side? Should they keep shooting rockets at innocent civilians? Does he have any advice for them? Just curious…

    Some people are such idiots.

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