Helping Nicaragua

In recent weeks, Israelis have continued to travel over the world, helping others. After a horrible plane crash in Thailand, Israelis were among the first to send medical teams to help the injured and identify the dead. It’s a sad fact that Israelis have much experience with dealing with this sad task and a wonderful testimony to the heart and soul of Israelis that we are willing to offer these services to others. Today’s post has to do with yet another story of Israel reaching out to help.

The Israeli government has announced it is sending medical supplies to help the people of Nicaragua after a devastating hurricane hit – more below:

This is Israel!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sending $25,000 worth of medical suppliesto Nicaragua, aid to the victims of Hurricane Felix, which struck Nicaraguaat the beginning of the month.The hurricane, which hit the northern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua close tothe Honduras border, left a trail of devastation and at least 40 peopledead. Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless by the categoryfive hurricane. The International Red Cross made an appeal to the international communityfor help, and as a result Israel is sending medical equipment which willreach Nicaragua within a few days. The Israeli ambassador to Costa Rica andthe Israeli Honorary Consul in Nicaragua will present the equipment to therepresentatives of the Nicaraguan government.

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