He Knows How to Shoot

After Shabbat had ended, as I was doing something on the computer, I got a phone call. While I took the call, Elie turned my laptop computer around to face him and began playing one of those games on the computer where you aim a colored ball and if you place it correctly, all adjacent balls of the same color evaporate.

I finished my call and went to sit down. Elie kept playing. “Are you almost done?” I asked.

“Almost,” Elie answered.

A few minutes later and more rounds, “Much longer?”

“Soon,” Elie answered.

I got another phone call and when I returned, Elie was deep into his second game, having won the first one with more than 200,000 points racked up. We went through the “almost” and “soon” a few more times and I made some comment about his playing the game quite well.

At that point, my youngest son answered, “he’s in artillery; he knows how to shoot.”

Well, when I finally got my turn, I decided to play the game Elie says he “always wins.” I’ve lost 10 times already; my highest score is 28,000 and I’m seriously thinking of how I can get revenge for his getting me hooked.

And, as for the answer to how it’s possible to get 200,000 points…I guess it’s because “he’s artillery; he knows how to shoot”…or…maybe, in a week or two or three or four, I’ll figure some other answer.

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