He Blesses the Soldiers of the Army

This video is amazing – the Hebrew simple and clear, “He blesses the soldiers of the army of the defense of Israel (Israel Defense Forces – IDF), who protects our land.”

It starts with the mother of the soldier – the fear and prayers we hold in our hearts each moment they serve. It is a mixture of Hebrew and English – simply beautiful. Thanks to Dov, who wrote this beautiful song, sang it, filmed it. God, please grant his prayer, our prayer.

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  1. this is beautiful, thank you for sharing it

  2. Nicely done- thanks for posting


  3. Some Conservative siddurim add the lines “harachaman hu yivarech et medinat yisrael reishit tzmichat geulateinu” and “harachaman hu yivarech et chayalei tzva hagana l’yisrael v’hagen aleihem.” While I don’t identify as Conservative, I add these lines when I bentsch when I remember.

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